In 1975 we supplied the pressure treated lumber for our very first permanent wood foundation.  Since that time we have been working to educate builders and homeowners of the endless list of benefits.  The design requirements for lumber sizes, fasteners, drainage, and backfill are very strict, and when followed correctly wood basement characteristics are far superior to concrete.

Now that basement insulation is required by code, wood foundations are even more attractive.  Insulation can be installed in the wall just like it would be on the main floor.  And as with conventional walls, plumbing and electrical runs can be made easily and covered up by drywall or other finished material.  A finished wood basement is the most comfortable and stable room in the home.

The benefits aren’t just in the finished product but in the process as well.  The framing crew can frame the foundation and avoid waiting for concrete contractors to form, pour and remove forms.  And it can be done in any weather at any temperature without affecting the wall.  As soon as the foundation walls are set and sheathed, construction of the floors and walls can proceed.

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