In 1927 Carson City Elevator Company closed a deal with Rockafellow Grain whereby they would take over Rockafellow’s lumber business.  For some time the Elevator Company had been contemplating adding lumber and the timing was right because Rockafellow was looking to get away from it.  Carson City Lumber and Elevator was incorporated in 1928 and continued both parts of the name until the late 1950’s when the elevator was sold and lumber became the ‘meat and potatoes’.  Since that time the business has flourished, growing gradually and expanding product mix and sales territory under the careful direction of Gary Copp.  After 75 years on the railroad tracks North of Carson City, a new location was cleared and the new building was built on M-57 just West of the city.

We continue to strive for excellence in customer service and quality materials because we feel that those are two main reasons for our success.  Those two things go hand in hand with the customer base that we are fortunate to have.  Our hard working, loyal customers in this area are as much of a part of our success as the company’s dedication. We are very grateful for that.